October 13, 2012

welcome fall

Welcome fall!  A few photos from our garden.  When this pumpkin was small, we engraved the word "fall" and I am amazed at how it turned out.  Fun idea for next year...engrave more words (thanksgiving, blessings, autumn) or names.

Purple potatoes...yes, purple!   We planted them way back in April, forgot about the color, and they were a surprise when we pulled them up.  Delicious and a colorful food!

My dahlias did great this year...less bugs and lots of beautiful flowers.

My display of pumpkins!   I like how it turned out with the "fall" pumpkin on top.  Add in some bittersweet...

Our cat found a sunny spot on this sunny, warm fall day!  Enjoy your weekend :)

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Jessica Rodarte said...

I will have to try engraving a pumpkin as it grows next year. I love that idea.
I enjoyed reading your post.